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SA. 22.09.2023 | 14:00 UHR

MR. BRAINWASH (Sonderausstellung)
Seien Sie gespannt auf eine exklusive und spektakuläre Sammlung des Superstars MR. BRAINWASH.
Seine Werke sind auf dem internationalen Kunstmarkt sehr hoch gefragt! Wir sind stolz, Ihnen die neueste aus Amerika eingetroffene Kollektion exklusiv in Köln präsentieren zu können!

Erleben Sie die beliebte Elena Lobanowa, eine der gefragtesten Künstlerinnen in der Galerie Mensing,
live in Köln. Die Künstlerin hat nicht nur Kermit, Krümel und Elmo aus der Muppetshow mit dabei, sondern auch ihre großformatigen Haie und Portraits.


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23. September 2023



Mr. Brainwash, Elena Lobanowa
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Mr. Brainwash Mr. Brainwash

Born in France, Mr. Brainwash now lives in Los Angeles and has been taking his pop art to the streets, galleries and canvases for about a decade. Equipped with spray cans, brushes and paint buckets, Mr. Brainwash began conquering the streets and building walls in 2006 with stencil graffiti (stencils) and posters of icons and cult figures, and quickly became one of the standouts of the emerging street art scene.

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Elena Lobanowa Elena Lobanowa

Elena Lobanova comes from a Russian family of artists. Inspired by her grandfather, a landscape painter, she attended the art school for painting in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine). After her first exhibitions in the then Soviet Union, she became known to a wide audience in the rest of Europe, especially for her fascinating depictions of bulls. She creates her motifs with different materials and techniques. For example, spatula technique, airbrush, oil chalk, acrylic paint or even impact metal. Not only with her monumental portraits, but also otherwise, the artist is always breaking new ground and thus proves her versatility and her desire to always try something new and to be on the pulse of time. Exhibitions in London and New York - among others at the Art Expo - underline her continuing success.

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