"There is nothing good unless you do it", says a poem by Erich Kästner. Following this motto, Harry Mensing has already launched several campaigns to provide immediate help, putting art at the service of a good cause. This includes, for example, the much-noticed charity campaign in cooperation with "Ein Herz für Kinder" (A Heart for Children) for the earthquake victims in Haiti. At that time, a nationwide art auction raised almost 100,000 euros in donations.

With the "Art for Help" campaign launched in November 2016, Harry Mensing, with the help of his galleries and artists, promotes foundations and projects that are seen as particularly sustainable and directly addressing people's concerns. Harry Mensing says: "Visual art has always been a companion of social and political change, but also a source of joy and enthusiasm. Today, on the one hand, we look with concern at the refugee problem, the wars in the Middle East, climate change and the accompanying famines and mass migrations. On the other hand, we need the beautiful moments in life that make us look forward with joy and enthusiasm. It may only be a drop in the ocean when footballers like Neven Subotic and personalities like Ilonka Remmert and Sister Julia, together with 25 artists, take the initiative to promote concrete projects to give children in Africa a chance of clean water, medical care and, above all, education and a living. We have spontaneously decided to support this and other projects with our gallery and to donate the money directly to the projects.

In the following, we present the three projects that have been initiated and are run by very different organisations and people, from the simple nun to the football star. Art for Help is intended to become a permanent institution of the gallery and to keep supporting new projects and foundations."

Children at home - Loreto Children's Home

Orphans need your support

The Loretto Mission Station is located in Silobela, approximately in the middle of Zimbabwe. The primary and secondary schools each have about 800 pupils who are taught by state teachers as well as by members of the religious communities. Sister Julia has been working tirelessly there for many years to support the poor, the elderly and especially the children, who have not only been suffering from the deteriorating living conditions in Zimbabwe since the mid-1980s, but have also been particularly affected by the AIDS epidemic.

In order to finance the aid and support services, Sister Julia is dependent on private donations. Considerable sums are needed here, because since the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe, invoicing is exclusively in US dollars and prices have risen extremely. It is possible to sponsor individual children. Please support the work of Sister Julia Lenze by making a donation!

Recipient: Missionsprokura Strahlfeld
Account number: 5512018
Bank code: 74290000
at Volksbank Strahlfeld

School is the Future - Ukunda Neema Village

Learning to become independent and able to help themselves

During a visit to Kenya, I got to know the plight of the people there. As a primary school teacher, I was interested in the schools. Masoud took me to Bongwe Primary School. It is located directly in the bush and houses a kindergarten as well as school classes in years 1-8, with class sizes of sometimes over 100 children. Everything was missing: furniture, rooms, water, electricity, toilets... In the meantime, I have worked voluntarily for 9 years in associations on various projects and have gained experience. Masoud was the partner in Kenya. He took care of cost plans, handled construction projects and provided the necessary receipts for Germany. On 1 August 2016, I founded the association "Pro Ukunda" with friends - with Masoud as a local employee. Our goals are to further improve education and health care at Bongwe Primary School. Furthermore, we would like to finance the school fees for the secondary school for bright young people who have completed their basic schooling.

For the villagers of Bongwe, a kind of district of Ukunda, having their own water point would make life much easier. A small health station would also be a blessing. Everything would be feasible. How often have I heard the sentence: "Mum, if you have money ..."? And if you also help, we will achieve these goals! Because: Many small people in many small places, who take many small steps, can change the face of the world!

You can find more information at: .

Water for Africa - Neven Subotic Foundation

Water means life, health and education

Worldwide, 663,000,000 people have no clean drinking water and every third person in the world has no access to a toilet. The human right to water and basic sanitation unfortunately remains only a dream for them.

Diarrhoeal diseases caused by contaminated drinking water, lack of latrines and poor hygiene are among the leading causes of death among children under five. 1000 children die every day because they drink water from a pond or have to go to a field for their need. The Neven Subotic Foundation gives these children, who live in the poorest regions of the world, hope for a better future. Through the foundation's WASH projects (water, sanitation and hygiene), children in the Tigray region of Ethiopia are given safe access to clean water, sanitary facilities and decent hygiene conditions. As a result, more children are attending school again because their health is no longer at risk due to poor hygiene. "We believe that disadvantaged children can shape their lives with their own strength and conviction if we sustainably improve their living conditions. Because every child should be given the opportunity to realise their future under humane conditions."

100% of donations reach the children. The foundation invests 100% of its total donations in the project work on site; the administrative costs are borne by Neven Subotic personally, so that every donation can flow into the projects without deductions and in full. He established the foundation in November 2012 in Dortmund. At that time, there were only a few volunteers who set out together with him to improve the living conditions of children in the poorest regions of the world. This mission became the purpose of life for all those involved and for Neven Subotic himself, so that since the foundation was established, more than 20,000 people have been given decent access to water and sanitation. Detailed

Project documentation The Foundation documents the completion and sustainable success of its projects with personal reports, pictures, videos and the GPS location (geolocation).

Bank details:
Neven Subotic Foundation
Dortmunder Volksbank
IBAN DE44441600144040190900

Give children a future

100 % of the money goes to the projects in Africa to build or set up more wells, schools and kindergartens and to provide teaching materials and supplies. Aid that not only arrives, but also has a lasting effect by helping to create conditions that give the local people opportunities for a better life. Thanks go to the foundations and their initiators and doers, who strive for these projects every day. But thanks also go to the artists who, without exception, have agreed to donate paintings for these projects. A very special thank you therefore naturally also goes to the art buyers who have purchased an "Art for Help" artwork and thus contribute to the success of the campaign.

The following foundations have already been supported:

  • Best Buddies
  • Rudolf Walther Foundation
  • Alfred Biolek Foundation
  • Natalie Todenhöfer Foundation
  • Ein Herz für Kinder
  • Die Arche
  • Lebensherbst
  • Katarina Witt Foundation
  • Horizonte e. V.
  • Peter Maffay Foundation
  • Neven Subotic Foundation
  • Schwester Julia Lenze
  • Pro Ukunda e. V.