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100 Meisterwerke

100 Meisterwerke


Craig Alan Craig Alan

Pop art artist from California who creates familiar motifs and structures with his small figures.
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Joel Amit Joel Amit

Israeli artist who shapes metal into butterflies, fish, birds or feathers, creating dreamlike motifs.
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Auguste Auguste

Auguste's medium is aluminum in combination with digital collage and acrylic paint, on which he stages the heroes of his childhood and youth.
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Hans Jochem Bakker Hans Jochem Bakker

Self-taught artist from an old family of artists with spectacular portraits.
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Tom Boston Tom Boston

Multi-talented artist from Cologne, in whose positive works, we relive our youth cult figures as wonderful 3D mixed media sculptures.
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Guy Boudro Guy Boudro

Neo-pop art with internationally popular comic characters and a contrasting and colorful palette.
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Mr. Brainwash Mr. Brainwash

Absolute phenomenon of modern pop art. Banksy friend and street art legend with studio in Los Angeles.
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Marc Chagall Marc Chagall

One of the most renowned and world-renowned modernist artists of the 20th century with bright expressive color compositions.
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Coretto Coretto

Quiet urban hideaways in the form of penthouse interiors with incredible views.
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Salvador Dalí Salvador Dalí

Most important and worldwide known artist of surrealism.
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Del Maro Del Maro

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Floyd Douglas Floyd Douglas

Acrylic pop art with sweeping and smooth movements in the forms.
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Uri Dushy Uri Dushy

Three-dimensional works in pop art style with bright bold colors.
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Charles Fazzino Charles Fazzino

International superstar of 3D Pop Art from New York, USA with unique and highly elaborate image compositions.
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Debra Franses Debra Franses

Artist from the UK with handbag sculptures that give a view of the inside of the bag.
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Guldenstern Guldenstern

Pop art duo from the Rhineland with expressive compositions on canvas, wood or aluminum.
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Ed Heck Ed Heck

Comic art with animal motifs, enriched with a dash of irony and a good dose of humor that you just have to love.
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Nemo Jantzen Nemo Jantzen

Portrait art made from nails and a single dark cotton thread.
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Laurence Jenkell Laurence Jenkell

France's leading object artist with vital and shapely candy sculptures that radiate a positive energy.
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Atelier Lieverse Atelier Lieverse

Portrait art with a balance between triviality and beauty, vulnerability and roughness.
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Lis Sam Lis Sam

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Elena Lobanowa Elena Lobanowa

Monumental portraits on canvas with sharks, cult figures and Hollywood legends.
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Joan Miró Joan Miró

One of the most influential and popular artists of the 20th century.
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Claude Morin Claude Morin

Nude art in the form of bronze sculptures
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Géraldine Morin Géraldine Morin

Impressive pop art with iconic cult figures on canvas or as resin sculptures.
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Burton Morris Burton Morris

Iconic pop art images with signal character and bright gaudy colors.
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Panasenko Panasenko

Artist with illustrative representations of a dialogue between the masculine and feminine.
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Peppone Peppone

French-Canadian with a love for well-known comic characters
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Detlef Rahn Detlef Rahn

Atmospheric paintings with nature in the foreground, characterized by absolute perfection.
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Bram Reijnders Bram Reijnders

Colorful masterpieces made of poster torn-offs and posters with comic book characters and cult figures, created with unmistakable handwriting and creativity.
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Giorgio Rocca Giorgio Rocca

Hyperrealistic stagings with exciting depictions and concise colors.
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Luigi Rocca Luigi Rocca

Impressive paintings so realistic that it is difficult to spot the differences between photo and painting.
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Patrick Rubinstein Patrick Rubinstein

Internationally acclaimed artist of kinetic pop art whose motifs change with the perspective of the viewer.
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Erik Salin Erik Salin

Everyday items with luxurious designer logos of brands like Chanel, Gucci, Veuve Clicquot, Porsche or Ferrari.
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Srinjoy Gangopadhyay Srinjoy Gangopadhyay

Beautiful artwork with influences ranging from pop culture to deep ecology.
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Paul Thierry Paul Thierry

Expressive pop art with classic and modern motifs on canvas and plexiglass.
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Thomar Thomar

Caviar sculptures with original metal cans and translucent gummy bear sculptures made of epoxy resin.
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Tolla Tolla

Extraordinary bronze sculptures with seemingly "floating lightness" and timeless beauty.
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Verron Verron

Constructivist painting of abstract color surfaces, which combine only in the overall view to a complex motif.
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Figurative sculptures depicting dynamic, athletic, but also elegant and sensual human bodies.
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Iliya Zhelev Iliya Zhelev

Impressive and colorful mosaics of ornate ornamentation and geometric variety.
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Diverse Künstler Diverse Künstler

Composition of impressive artworks by greats such as Andy Warhol, Nissan Engel, Uwe Herbst, Otmar Alt, Wolfgang Loesche or Roy Lichtenstein
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