Born in Brooklyn in 1963, Ed Heck became passionate about drawing as a boy, using books as templates and coloring the images inside. After graduating from art school, Ed Heck initially worked as an illustrator of children's books and science journals. The line drawings he made in the evenings to relax soon developed into a passion. Heck's first exhibition of his large-format paintings in New York was an immediate success and paved the way for his career as a recognized figure in Neo-Pop Art.

Who let the dogs out

Ed Heck's comic strip-like paintings come across as fresh and original, and are as touching as they are startling. His works now have cult status not only in America. In Germany, too, the Brooklyn-based artist has numerous fans and collectors. His paintings are enriched with a dash of irony and a good dose of humor, which Ed Heck captures on canvas with bright colors. The motifs tell wonderful little stories that live on the comedy of everyday life and whose characters - mostly dogs or other animals such as cats or birds - delight the viewer with almost childlike charm.

Works of art to smile about

The colorful protagonists of his works sometimes bring to mind Keith Haring. However, in Ed Heck's work everything is more descriptive, more vivid and more concretely embedded in a situation. Ed Heck's favorite motifs are dogs with big floppy ears, often doing what we humans usually do: sitting in the bathtub, driving a car, or drinking coffee. The result is a fine, well-dosed irony that holds up a mirror to us humans and makes us smile at ourselves. In short: really good pop art that you just have to love.

Selection of available artworks: Ed Heck