Elena Lobanova comes from a Russian family of artists. Inspired by her grandfather, a landscape painter, she attended the art school for painting in Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine). After her first exhibitions in the then Soviet Union, she became known to a wide audience in the rest of Europe, especially for her fascinating depictions of bulls. She creates her motifs with different materials and techniques. For example, spatula technique, airbrush, oil chalk, acrylic paint or even impact metal.

Fascinating monumental portraits

In her most recent works, Elena Lobanova devotes herself above all to cult figures and Hollywood legends, which she has banned onto canvas in large format and thus surprised the art world from the very beginning. In works of monumental dimensions, she brings icons such as John Lennon, Frida Kahlo, Marilyn Monroe or even Kermit, Gonzo or Waldorf and Statler closer to her audience. So close that one literally gets goose bumps, because the large-format portraits are impression amplifiers, similar to what one knows from monumental buildings. With her portraits, Elena Lobanova opens a new chapter in Pop Art by raising the art of photorealistic portraiture to a new and unknown level with the colors and means of expression of Pop Art. In doing so, she breathes life into the legends and finds an overwhelming response from the audience.

On the pulse of time

Not only with her monumental portraits, but also otherwise, the artist is always breaking new ground and thus proves her versatility and her desire to always try something new and to be on the pulse of time. Exhibitions in London and New York - among others at the Art Expo - underline her continuing success.

Selection of available artworks: Elena Lobanowa