Under the name Guldenstern, the two artists, who live in the Rhineland, became known nationwide within 15 years. In the meantime, the artists have become a top address in German Pop Art with their outstanding images of metropolises and myths.

Following Warhol and Wesselmann, they have found their own distinctive style. On canvas, wood or aluminum, they reproduce photos of world stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Romy Schneider or Audrey Hepburn. Their works also focus on historical upheavals. Furthermore, they stage pictures with heroes of rock music.

They overlay the gridded portraits with acrylic paints. Documents are also often superimposed on the Guldenstern image carriers. Clippings from newspapers provide a rich context. Glamour is hinted at with grinding marks in the aluminum. The tension-laden mix of myth, media linkage, and painting has also brought Guldenstern international attention. Works by the artist, who lives on the Lower Rhine, have found their way into public collections and are highly sought-after objects by selective art buyers in numerous European countries.

Selection of available artworks: Guldenstern