Isabelle Scheltjens has been interested in art since her youth. She studied at SISA, the Antwerp City Institute for Decorative Arts and Crafts.

Her husband's glass design inspired Isabelle to work with the same material. It took years of intense practice and juxtaposition of countless pieces of colored glass to refine her method and truly master color theory.

She developed a unique glass fusing technique that fuses pieces of glass of different colors, sizes and textures together at about 800°C. The colored glass pieces are like the color dots of the pointillists: they form an abstract image up close, but a dramatic and precise portrait from a distance.

Isabelle achieves stunning optical effects with her technique: She captures the dance of light and color to create a black-and-white or even a colorful portrait.

Selection of available artworks: Isabelle Scheltjens