Joel Amit was born in Jerusalem in 1982. His interest in painting, sculpture and design was aroused at a young age. Initially, he experimented with wood, metal and paper - the goal was to create large and new forms from small "snippets".

Amit studied architecture and design in Jerusalem. In doing so, he consolidated his talent for dissolving entities into lines and dots and constructing them into new impressive, sometimes oversized sculptures. The connection between nature and technology is the elementary starting point of his installations. Viewed from a distance, we recognize a flow of color that coalesces into abstract forms or even concrete objects or portraits.

Joel Amit finds the process of shaping metal - a heavy and cold material - into butterflies, fish, birds and feathers liberating. Joel Amit's installations give the impression of absolute lightness and weightlessness. In his work he is always looking for an extra dimension - a hidden layer and a challenge for the eye.

Meanwhile, Amit is not only a respected artist in his home country, but internationally renowned and established, and his works can be found in numerous private and public collections.

Selection of available artworks: Joel Amit