Patrick Rubinstein is the internationally acclaimed artist of kinetic pop art. His unique technique, in which one and the same image shows diverse motifs, he has patented worldwide. His own style of art is influenced by pop and urban art - models include Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Keith Haring, Piet Mondrian, but also Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall. In his choice of motifs, the artist makes use of catchy symbols of American culture and striking icons of the music, film and comic scene, such as Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse or the Beatles. Rubinsteinwas born in Paris in 1960. He grew up in a very creative environment and learned the gouache technique at the age of five. In addition to his own creativity, collecting outstanding works of art was also given a major role. Rubinstein has retained this passion for art to this day and it can be felt in every single work of art.

Kinetic Art - Art that moves

A special lamella and pyramid technique turns Rubinstein's works into works of art whose motifs change with the perspective of the viewer. In addition to the view from the left, from the right, or centrally, a multitude of other pictorial impressions emerge that repeatedly trigger great fascination.



Selection of available artworks: Patrick Rubinstein