The multi-talented Tom Boston knows no bounds when it comes to design: Raised on art from childhood, classically trained, and endowed with a subtle sense of humor, Boston knows how to set the stage for his works. Aesthetically, he is influenced by Pop Art. In his work he openly admits to strong colorful, sometimes even gaudy accents. He playfully develops his works as a synthesis between commodity aesthetics and comic strip. The colorful donuts and cheerful scenes with protagonists such as Daisy Duck or Bugs Bunny are not only beautiful to look at, but moreover hieroglyphics of the Western lifestyle. He breathes life into his paintings and sculptures through the changing dimensions of his mixed media. His works sharpen our eye for the aesthetics of everyday life and his art puts a smile on our faces.

Cult figures of our youth

In Tom Boston's thoroughly positive works, we witness the resurrection of our youth's cult figures as wonderful sculptures, made of mixed media materials such as wood, metal or concrete, concrete, real and tangible, but also always with a wink and occasionally even a subtle touch of irony.

"This is the real problem of the world. Too many people have grown up." (Walt Disney)

Cabaret artist, author and presenter Bernd Stelter once wrote of his Tom Bostons work, "When I go into the kitchen for breakfast in the morning, there's Homer Simpson stretching toward two oversized donuts. I always have a grin on my face when I walk by my Homer, every morning. My Homer is a real Tom Boston, poor Homer who will never reach his doughnut, that doughnut that you want to bite into right away, my grin on my face that I just need in the morning, and that's why we need Tom Boston."

Selection of available artworks: Tom Boston