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Galerie Mensing Frankfurt

Welcome to Galerie Mensing on Kaiserstrasse in Frankfurt! Between Kaiserplatz and Roßmarkt, a world of art and inspiration awaits you here.

For 60 years, we have been offering our customers works of art by renowned contemporary artists such as Charles Fazzino, Romero Britto, Craig Alan, Luigi Rocca, Patrick Rubinstein, Ed Heck or Mr Brainwash. But we also have classics by Andy Warhol, Tom Wesselmann, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí or Pablo Picasso.

A paradise for Pop Art lovers

Our gallery on Kaiserstraße is a paradise for Pop Art lovers. Discover the colourful works of artists such as Romero Britto or Charles Fazzino and bring a piece of Pop Art into your home or office. You can buy art from us and admire it in various exhibitions. We offer a wide selection of artworks and are happy to advise you on finding the perfect piece of art for your needs and tastes.

Also visit our events and exhibitions to feel the closeness to the artists. We organise spectacular live performances by artists such as Bram Reijnders or Charles Fazzino, who leaves personal dedications and individual drawings on the back of their artworks.

Come by and let yourself be inspired by the fascination of art! Our artworks and exhibitions are an absolute must for every art lover and an excellent opportunity to buy and discover unique works of art.


Simone Schmal
-Gallery Management-


Kaiserstr. 15
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Tel. 069 2199 6756
Fax 069 2193 9931

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Unsere Galerie in Frankfurt ist leider vorübergehend geschlossen, doch stehen wir Ihnen für eine Beratung per E-Mail oder Telefon zur Verfügung.