Based in London, the 21st-century graduate of Central Saint Martins loves the freedom to express herself, reflecting the world around her.
ARTBAG is the creation of British artist Debra Franses, who was born in London, went to school in Rickmansworth, Lived in Italy and Ibiza learning languages then started her family in New York, and now resides in Buckinghamshire where she creates Artbags.

During lockdown Debra opened a boutique gallery in Amersham as all her shows were cancelled. This she said was therapeutic and helped her remember the exciting world that she had worked to be a part of for the last 15 years. You might walk past the small windows and bright pink door assuming it to be a charming cottage, however once inside you're entering a world of wild imagination. Think of Willy Wonker’s chocolate factory, only voyeuristic transparent resin handbag sculptures.

Today Debra’s art is admired in galleries and museums, as well as being commissioned by brands such as Coca-Cola, Gucci, NY Fashion Week, Fairmont Hotels, and The IFC in Shanghai. The billionaire, philanthropist and art collector, Steve Cohen, bought two pieces from Gallery Biba in Palm Beach further cementing her reputation as an investible artist.

Selection of available artworks: Debra Franses