Jorn van Hoorn (1982) began painting in 1999. Over the next few years, he evolved from a fresh art school graduate (Sint Lucas) to an all-around artist and television maker at public broadcaster BNN in the Netherlands.

Van Hoorn's unique style makes us perceive everyday objects as if in another reality. A translation that is at odds with our normal understanding of these objects. What is reality? Is it a perception? Or just a learned reality? And have we begun to take objects and their meaning for granted? Is a grenade love or just hate? Or is love a grenade?

Van Hoorn uses materials that act as a catalyst and match the speed of his thinking and working. A whirlwind that leaves a trail of paint, clay and graffiti. Most of all he likes to produce sculptures about love, beauty and transience.

He made his first solo exhibition at the age of 19 in the Kuijpers Gallery. Soon after followed other exhibitions abroad and in the Netherlands. Among them was a museum exhibition at the Van Der Togt Museum in Amstelveen (2012).

In 2018, Van Hoorn won a Street Art Award (category: most inventive) and also developed a unique art coin together with the son of Pablo Escobar.

Selection of available artworks: Jorn van Hoorn