Peppone, born in 1970, is a French-Canadian artist whose work is defined by colour and childhood memories.

Peppone received 500 Tintin albums from his father and is always looking to expand his comic book collection. He describes this collection as his "paper heritage" and uses it "to create artistic encounters with our memories and humanity."

Peppone's vibrant sculptures and mixed media works of well-known comic book characters challenge us to question our conventional views of what art should be.

He makes his sculptures using moulds he makes in his studio and then either mounts them in their own comics or stages them "dressed as other heroes", drawing on everything from his favourite comic strips to the world-famous pop art of Keith Haring.

In his mixed media works, he places the heroes of our childhood in situations with iconic references, inviting the viewer to recall the strength of certain photographs, films, posters or historical events. In this way, his works penetrate the roots of our cultural memory, which the artist interprets in a new and humorous way.

Selection of available artworks: Peppone