THOMAR is a French artist who makes noble caviar and colorful, sweet gummy bears the subject of his sculptures in an original way. In doing so, he combines the authenticity of the materials used with resolutely modern design. His works are eye-catchers, sensory illusions and a play on memories of culinary pleasure.

For his caviar sculptures, he uses original metal cans and wooden crates collected over time, which combine with the overflowing "caviar" to create a coherent and lush ensemble.

The translucent gummy bear sculptures made of epoxy resin, on the other hand, with their delightful play of colors, evoke the magic of childhood indulgence, forbidden nibbles and sweet rewards. Carefully arranged, the temptations flow seemingly endlessly from faucets into vessels that already seem to overflow with filling.

THOMAR was born in France in 1973 and is a promising newcomer to the art of sculpture.

Selection of available artworks: Thomar